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Taxi Tyres

We specialise in a wide range of new tyres for taxis. With a large range of tyres in stock ready for immediate fitting as well as access to thousands of tyre which can be delivered and ready to fit within the hour.

We can also offer a Free Damage Warranty and Free Puncture Repair as well as great pricing.

We can also quote for Brakes, Exhausts, Batteries, Diagnostics and more.

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Taxi Drivers get a bit of a raw deal, the government have added IPT (Insurance Premium Taxi) which is now at 12%, increased fuel duty and vat over recent year.  The general public are largely unaware of  these hidden taxes and don’t like it when fees rise.

At Ryton Tyre Centre we appreciate the issues Taxi drivers face and have produce bespoke pricing packages to suit the needs of modern taxi drivers. We can fit tyres, brakes, exhausts, batteries and do servicing at hugely competitive prices.

All work carried out is done as quickly as possible and guaranteed, so your not racing back and missing out on vital passenger fairs.

When getting a quote please make sure to have as much information to hand as possible.

The main information you’re looking for is your tyre size. This consists of the tyre width, aspect ratio and wheel diameter. You will also need to know your load rating and speed rating when looking for a tyre that’s suitable for your vehicle. It’s sounds complicated we know, but once you know what you’re looking for it’s easy!

Take a look on your tyre sidewall, what you’re looking for is a 7 digit number with an R after the first 5 digits. Something like 175/65R14 82T, 205/55R16 91W, 225/45R17 94W or 225/40R18 92Y – there are literally dozens of combinations.

Some vehicles such as BMWs, Mercedes and even Smart Cars have larger sized tyres on the rear so it’s always worth checking both sizes.