Fitting Exhaust

Exhaust Replacement

Let’s face it, other than car enthusiast no-one plans to replace there exhaust. When you’re told on an MOT or you hear that deeded blowing sound its never met with a ‘Yes! I need a new exhaust’.

Before you start thinking that we (or anyone else) is charging you more than you want to pay, let’s have a look at the modern exhaust system. Its no longer a simple pipe put there to funnel engine fumes (exhaust gases) away from the engine. It’s now there to help the ECU (engine control unit) boost engine performance, reduces harmful emissions and most importantly to most of us improve fuel consumption.

So how can you tell that an exhaust needs replacing before it just simply falls off?
Usually, the first sign that something isn’t quite right with your exhaust is a noise developing; many customers report hearing a rattle, hiss, roar or chugging noise when something is amiss.

Common signs to look out for include:

  • Knocking or rattling noises from an exhaust part becoming loose
  • Part of the exhaust becoming low or dragging on the road
  • Your exhaust sounding louder
  • Visible holes or excessive corrosion
  • An increase in smoke coming from the exhaust

We supply and fit high-quality exhaust systems to cars and light commercial vehicles. We have access to a huge range of OEM specific and aftermarket exhausts as a direct replacement for the majority of today’s cars and light commercial vehicles.

Exhaust problems are not always visible from the outside, it can be that the inside has become damaged or simply reached the end of its life. To check what the problem may be with your vehicle call in and we will examine your system and offer free advice.

What’s Involved?

To replace an exhaust on a modern car, we need to remove the sensors, catalytic converter or DPF (diesel particulate filter) and then bolt in the new one. Sounds simple, but let’s be upfront. Due to the temperature changes and weather conditions the exhaust systems go through, this can be more difficult than you might think.

Our Way!

We won’t do anything until we’ve explained what the problem is and you have agreed that you are happy to proceed. We can show you the car on the lift and the underside so you know that when we tell you what is needed that were not just doing it because our shareholders (which we don’t have) are telling us to make more profits.